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Authentic Mexican Food

Fresh & Flavorful

Otro Mundo

We love fresh food, flavorful food, food that’s in season, and food that’s distinct.

Every morning before opening the Local Gourmet kitchen, we stock our shelves with market fresh ingredients, so that the food we serve you is as fresh and flavorful as can be. We welcome you to our restaurant, and wish you a hearty appetite.

Eat with your Ojos

Our Menu




Combo Plates

Side Orders

Ready for something new?

Seafood Menu

Stop by River Park location to try our new seafood items. Shrimp tacos are our new favorite - what’s yours?


We have 15 locations
find the nearest one here!

Riverside Dr.

(559) 275-3203 | Directions

River Park

(559) 438-7746 | Directions

Kingsburg, CA

(559) 897-7760 | Directions

Kerman, CA

(559) 846-3700 | Directions

Jensen Ave

(559) 444-0467 | Directions

Fowler & Ashlan

(559) 840-0587 | Directions

Blackstone & Gettysburg

(559) 226-8205 | Directions

Barstow & Blackstone

(559) 439-5078 | Directions